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They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to actual books or eBooks that is exactly what most consumers do when they are browsing through the thousands of titles available. Chances are, if your cover doesn’t stand out and make an impression all your hard work could go to waste if no one stops to read what it is about.

I want to help you make that first impression count, by offering  quality premade and custom eBook covers that are budget friendly for everyone.

These premade covers were designed using purchased stock images. Sample titles, text and taglines have been added to show placement. Unless choosing one of the options that include customization of text, these areas will be left blank for easy editing.

Now offering FREE 3D rendering for premade and custom covers for a limited time. (Offer ends December 1st, 2013) Be sure to include a request for a 3D copy when you order or request quote on custom covers.

Cover design service provided by our affiliate Be My

Pre-made Book Covers:

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(*Non-exclusive) $30.00 Price is for the cover art only in .jpg format with sample text removed.
ADD $10.00 (total $40.00) to have YOUR NAME and TITLE added using the style/fonts displayed on sample or by providing me with the font of your choice. (Win fonts only)

(Exclusive) $100.00 Price includes customized NAME and TITLE and once purchased the cover will be removed from the site.

*Non-exclusive covers will remain on the website for multiple use. New covers will be added monthly to help reduce the chances of duplicate covers appearing on the market place at one time.

3D Book Covers:

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Custom Covers:

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Custom design services are offered at a flat rate of $200.00 per cover. Contact me about creating a cover that is unique to your vision and expectations. (Cost covers any stock images purchased to create image and labor.)

How to Order:

To Purchase a premade cover or inquire about a custom made cover, enter your information in the form below. For premade covers include the COVER ID and PRICING OPTION (ex. non-exclusive plus text added) your prefer.

You will be contacted via the email address provided within 24 hours to confirm your choice or respond to your custom cover inquiry.

All payments will be billed through PAYPAL to your email address.

Once payment is confirmed your cover will be emailed directly to you. No Need to Download.

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