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5 Star Review: The Wishing Thread by Lisa Van Allen

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Overall Review 5 / 5 - Excellent
by Donna McBroom-Theriot


INTERVIEW: A Read For All Ages – The Big Red Bike by E.J. Tims

E.J. Tims is a successful businessman with a wonderful story-telling talent that has this book already contracted to be a movie.  This father of nine, and grandfather to twenty-nine knows how to entertain and inspire both chil...
by Jennifer St. Giles


INTERVIEW: My Body’s Just for Me by Eva and Yoshi Shiraki and Illustrated by Yanilda Shiraki

Taking on a special ministry, the authors of MY BODY’S JUST FOR ME have written a children’s book to teach small children about respect in regards to their bodies.  This book is uniquely written to foster open communic...
by Dayna Linton



INTERVIEW: A Thrill Ride Like No Other – Lee Baker and the Speed of Light

Futuristic technology collides with edge of your seat suspense in the novel SPEED OF LIGHT by Lee Baker.  Coming in May 2011, this action-packed, intelligent novel is intricately layered with mind expanding concepts that will ...
by Dayna Linton