WEALTHY BY DESIGN by Kimberly Foss is a thought-provoking read.  With her knowledge of the industry, she knows all the right questions to ask of her clients to help them make the most of their investments and shares them in this self-help guide to building wealth.

“Drawing upon her twenty-six years of experience as president and founder of Empyrion Wealth Management, where she advises clients of all financial backgrounds and life situations, and her own rise from humble beginnings, Kimberly offers powerful and enlightening stories. Through them, you will learn how to leverage personality, situation, and belief and apply proven wealth-building strategies to fulfill your needs and dreams.”
Foss empowers her readers, giving sound, practical advice…

Foss uses personal experiences with her clients to demonstrate different goals and levels of commitment that any reader can relate to. This book, however, does not appear to be for someone who is just starting out in the investment world. There are many terms used by Foss during her anecdotes and examples, but no real explanation of those terms for those who are unfamiliar with them.  However unfamiliar these industry insider terms are, any reader can take away the feeling of hope in preparing for their future and having the power to control their money so that all dreams and goals can be achieved.  Foss empowers her readers, giving sound, practical advice to take into consideration before moving forward with any investment decisions.

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