A multi-layered story as only Craig Johnson could tell it. The facets of story in Johnson’s books always leave you eager for the next, and his latest, JUNKYARD DOGS is no exception. Rich characters, sarcastic wit, easy prose and a damn good story are all wrapped-up in a perfect package.

Johnson’s books feature Sheriff Walt Longmire, he’s been sheriff for nearly twenty-five years. Longmire has a laid back personality, is a man who uses words sparingly, and who has some baggage in his past.

Rich characters, sarcastic wit, easy prose and a damn good story are all wrapped-up in a perfect package.

Combine him with the over-zealous Deputy Sheriff Victoria Moretti from Philadelphia, now stuck in Wyoming and you have a perfect recipe for some very fine sarcastic moments.

The characters are true, and the place descriptions leave me longing to return to Wyoming both in reality and in the pages of Johnson’s fiction.

You don’t have to read the series in order, but it does help to understand some of the finer character nuisances.

The Dark Horse

Published: April 15, 2009

“Missing body parts and dead developers are only the beginning when Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire finds himself in the throes of a modern day range war.

It’s a volatile new economy in Durant when the owners of a multi-million dollar development of ranchettes want to get rid of the adjacent Stewart junkyard. The notorious Stewart clan is an adventure unto itself and, when conflicts erupt, Walt, Dog, life-long friend Henry Standing Bear, and deputies Santiago Saizarbitoria and Victoria Moretti find themselves in a small town that feels more and more like a high plains pressure cooker.

An unlikely romance in an improbable place between junkyard patriarch Geo Stewart and a woman with a socially elite background complicates matters, and the outlaw behavior of Geo’s grandson Duane, who gives off a vague scent of marijuana, and young wife Gina, who has a habit of tying her grandfather-in-law to the back of her car, makes for one of the more hilarious entries in the Absaroka County saga.”

Mr. Johnson received a superfecta of starred reviews from Kirkus, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal, and his fifth book, THE DARK HORSE, was named one of Publishers Weekly’s best books of the year (2009).


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