The Rake Patrol is back and now it is fearlessly loyal Claire’s turn to protect someone she cares about from the possibly diabolical schemes of a rake in THE WHISKY LAIRD’S BED by Donna MacMeans.

Claire Starke has no illusions about her future. As her father repeatedly reminded her, her looks would never win a husband, and her poverty makes her an even less suitable wife. Luckily, her comrades at the Rake Patrol have given her joy and comfort—enough to quell the dull ache for a family of her own. So, when fellow member Faith runs off to the Highlands, investigating a whisky distiller advertising for an English wife, Claire sees no choice but to save her friend from this intemperate and lustful man. But she didn’t expect the Highland laird to be so intriguing, or to begin questioning her own restraint…

Still reeling from the distillery accident which left him scarred and shaken, Cameron MacPherson has no plans to marry, even if his mother is determined to tie him to one of the British milquetoasts parading through his castle. But when Claire bursts upon the scene, hurling accusations about alcohol and ruin, he finds the reformer fascinating. The fact that she stands up to him when others shrink away is more than charming—this one has spirit and, to be honest, he wouldn’t mind drinking a deep drought of her…

With visions of a villainous rake luring poor innocents into white slavery via false advertisements for a bride in the newspaper, Claire Starke abandons the hurtful cries of “Crow…Crow” while spreading the word of temperance to the local taverns and the much needed prize purse her efforts might yield, to sally forth into the wilds of Scotland to save her beloved friend Faith and a prospective bride from total ruin.

Ms. MacMeans’ talent shines in this book, with her words creating such a detailed and dramatic picture in your mind that you can easily envision each moment in technicolor glory…

Claire arrives to find she has jumped feet first into nothing more than a matchmaking scheme by the Laird’s—Cameron—mother, and then things go from bad to worse when she realizes that the handsome man she has unjustly vilified is not only extremely attractive, but unfortunately in the very business she is trying to shut down…Could her luck get any worse? Of course it can.

Despite numerous obstacles—including his mother training her matchmaking sights on Claire’s beautiful friend Faith—a real villain hiding in the shadows causing chaos for Cameron and pains from their past that make them overly cautious about giving their hearts, Claire and Cam still manage to invite readers in for a sweetly emotional journey that offers a mentally breathtaking view of Scotland and the rocky but, beautiful landscape of the human heart.

Ms. MacMeans’ talent shines in this book, with her words creating such a detailed and dramatic picture in your mind that you can easily envision each moment in technicolor glory as if you were right there with them.A truly unforgettable story with a hero and heroine who will stick with you long after the last page has been turned.

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