Kat Cantrell delivers a sizzling story with sassy dialogue and steamy love scenes, all while teaching us about love, forgiveness, and sacrifice.

“…when she opened her front door to the man who’d once taken her to heights never experienced before or since, her brain deserted her…A familiar, cloud-parting smile broke open across his stubbly jaw, its effect a forceful punch to a feminine place long forgotten. Unbelievable. After all this time, both her brain and her body still reacted to him without her permission.” 

And with those thoughts, after being apart for more than eight years, the good Dr. Crane, now a child psychologist, and the wild daredevil, Shay, are about to be thrown into an orbit neither knew existed. When Shay inherits the baby of his deceased best friends, he contacts the one woman who could break his heart, to whip him into the world’s best father.

Kat Cantrell writes with humor — 

“I could put some Shay in your sway, baby.” and “Danged if I don’t like this new you. That high-brow tone you get when you’re being all consulty-like, it’s really sexy.” 

Kat Cantrell can also dish up sexy — 

What’s my nonverbal saying?” “It says you’re interested in throwing me over your shoulder and doing very wicked things to me upstairs.” His eyes widened involuntarily. “Wow, you’re good. What is your nonverbal saying? ‘Please hurry’?”

And, breath-catching lusty — 

“I’d prefer to experiment in the moment by moving a certain way and then asking if you like it…”Experiment. On me. Sexually.” How he choked out actual words was beyond him. “Please. I know it’s a-” “Shut up, Ju. Just shut up a minute.” He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and if she kept babbling, he might do both. Not even the wounded expression on her face could blast through the lust-hazed vision clouding his senses, of her naked, mounted on top of him, head thrown back in ecstasy as she rolled her hips. “Sorry, I’m still trying to process.”

THE BABY DEAL is well written and keeps you entertained cover to cover.

Now, if that doesn’t make you want to run out and buy the book — nothing will!

THE BABY DEAL is well written and keeps you entertained cover to cover. The characters are well developed and the combination of sass, humor, lust, and compassion will have the reader falling in love with them. I loved getting to know the characters through their passion for life, the baring of their hearts as they each realized that to change the other, would somehow lessen them, and sometimes it is ourselves we need to heal, not the one we love.

“…don’t you see? You’re my stability  You were always there, on the ground, steadying me. Giving me a place to land. You’re the earth to my sky.”

I am giving this book 5 stars. It was well written and virtually error free, and contained an element you do not often find in a romance novel – a lesson in life.

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