SINFULLY YOURS by Bestselling author Cara Elliot is the second in this author’s new series, The Hellions of High Street and a delightful read from beginning to end.


Miss Anna Sloane is in desperate need of some of peace and quiet.  Much as she’s enjoyed being part of her older sister’s madcap misadventures with the Earl of Wrexham, they have wreaked havoc with her own secret endeavors. And with a deadline looming for her next racy romance novel, London—and the notorious “Devil” Davenport—is proving all too distracting. So Anna is happy to accept an invitation to a remote Scottish castle, even though she knows her mother will be matchmaking with the visiting German prince and his shooting party.

But the visit quickly takes an unexpected turn. Something sinister is afoot . . . including Davenport, whose presence ignites all sorts of alarming questions. Determined to discover just what he is up to, Anna decides to do some investigating—only to find that he, too, is hiding a surprising secret. They agree to a grudging alliance in order to foil a cunning conspiracy. But as danger swirls all around them, the biggest threat may be their own fiery passions . . .


A fantastic story, with loads of angst, mystery, romance…

The characters of Anna and Devlin simply radiate antagonistic sexual chemistry at every encounter and the sparks really begin to fly when they let down their guard to match wits, not only with each other, but with a mysterious enemy.

Love/Hate relationships are always the best kind of fodder for romance, especially when the two protagonists discover how closely they are matched once the masks they wear begin to slip. In this case our heroine hides a wicked streak behind a façade of sweetness and propriety, while Devlin uses his devilish reputation to conceal the true hero within.

A fantastic story, with loads of angst, mystery, romance and memorable characters that will keep your eyes glued to the page or screen for hours.

Having missed the first book in this series, SCANDALOUSLY YOURS, I will definitely be rectifying that error as soon as possible and then wait in anticipation for the release of Caro’s story, PASSIONATELY YOURS, when it arrives in book stores this month.

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