MISS MOLLY ROBBINS DESIGNS A SEDUCTION by Jayne Fresina is a wildly delightful read that had me laughing, fanning myself and sighing “ahhhh” through the whole book.

Carver Danforthe, Earl of Everscham, has a reputation of being a wild rogue—not for indulging the ambitions of his sister’s maid. But Molly Robbins’ unique dress designs have caught the eye of society’s elite, and if it means her own dress shop, Molly will make a deal with the devil himself—or his proxy, the notoriously naughty earl. But becoming his mistress is not a part of their arrangement. It’s right there in the contract’s small print: No Tomfoolery. Until he proposes a scandalous new addendum to their contract…

If you have read the previous titles in this wonderfully feisty series by author Jayne Fresina, than the names Molly Robbins and the Earl of Everscham are both familiar and beloved.

If you have not—I can’t recommend enough that you do. They are delightful!—then I will provide a bit of back story.

Molly Robbins is the sassy maid that Carver Danforthe’s sister Mercy acquired during one of her more adventurous adventures as a young lady. Now years later, it is Molly’s turn to have an adventure of her own, when she leaves her fiance at the altar to take the Earl of Everscham up on his offer of a loan to start her own shop IF she stops the wedding.

Along with the humor there were also very sweet moments of heart warming tenderness and steamy passion…

But when Molly returns to accept his proposal with a new addition to the contract, things really begin to get interesting.

Staid and somewhat stuffy, Carver would never admit to having thoughts of seduction about a mere maid, but then Molly Robbins has never quite fit the mold. She’s one of the few people who have ever treated him as merely a man and not the Earl. But now that she has lain down the gauntlet, forbidding any type of seduction with her silly addendum, seduction is suddenly all that he can think about.

Reading along as this mis-matched couple fight their attraction and each other with equal passion was immensely entertaining and I laughed out loud more than once throughout the course of the book.

Along with the humor there were also very sweet moments of heart warming tenderness and steamy passion to balance the story and make it one that you will want to read over and over again.

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