I cannot stress enough, how very much, I enjoyed FOOL ME TWICE by Meredith Duran!

A lady with a secret…
All Olivia wants is the chance to make a home for herself. When she realizes that the infamous Duke of Marwick might hold the key to her freedom, she boldly disguises herself as the newest and bravest in a long line of the temperamental duke’s housekeepers. Little does she know that the wickedly handsome Alastair de Grey has very different plans for her. . . .

A man with a passion . . . for vengeance
Alastair de Grey has suffered a betrayal so deep that he will use whatever means necessary to destroy his enemies — even his brazen and beautiful housekeeper. But his vengeful plan fails to account for his single weakness: an irresistible and growing passion for the enigmatic Olivia…Refreshing and witty, this “lady in disguise”/”beauty and the beast” themed story of tragedy, revenge and romance was so brilliantly written that I had to read it twice.

Olivia is a woman on a mission, to take down the man who is trying to take her life. To do so, she must infiltrate the household of the infamously reclusive Duke of Marwick in the disguise of a maid. Her plans go awry fairly quickly as she is thrust into the role of housekeeper instead and put in charge of a household that has fallen into chaos.

FOOL ME TWICE is a compelling story, with extremely memorable characters…

Determined to make the best of a bad situation, even if that means that she occasionally has to dodge flying bottles and insults from the duke, muddles through until it becomes apparent that the evidence that she is looking for can only be locked inside Marwick’s private domain.

After a bitter betrayal, Alastair de Grey has locked himself away from the world and is teetering on the brink of insanity, when a new housekeeper arrives who is insolent, obstinate and not the least bit afraid of telling him what’s-what.

The cat and mouse game between these two as Olivia cleverly works to draw him out and Alastair begins to unravel the web of mystery that surrounds her, is so well written that it almost makes the romantic aspect secondary…ALMOST.

With a volatile, sexual chemistry that makes the pages spark with tension, you just know that when the moment arrives for these two to give into their passion that the moment will be…wait for it…legend-dary! And it is.

Unfortunately, as the title suggests, Olivia’s secret is eventually revealed and you will just have to read for yourself to find out if our twice betrayed hero chooses love or revenge.

FOOL ME TWICE is a compelling story, with extremely memorable characters, fantastic dialog, humor and a wealth of dramatic angst that will put this latest book by Meredith Duran firmly on your own “to be read again” list of fantastic reads.

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