Brad Taylor was a ‘new to me’ author, and I’m a heavy duty thriller reader, so I was anxious to read this. GUT INSTINCT is a short Pike Logan e-read that seems intended to give insight into the personal lives of Taylor’s main characters:  Jennifer and Pike Logan.

Pike is still pretty ragged and torn up after his last mission, and Jennifer is stuck with ‘taking point’ on their latest mission. They are sent to the Philippines following a possible terrorist link. Even though Jennifer has proven herself as a competent agent, she is ask to work this mission mostly because she is a female.

The suspect she has under surveillance isn’t what the Taskforce thinks. Her brain knows it and her gut knows it. The “boys” club Taskforce however, won’t listen until it’s almost too late.

…I will definitely buy and read Taylor’s other books.

One of the things I loved about this short read is Jennifer. She has a past that haunts her, but overcomes it. She managed to kick some serious butt without being some sort of supernatural ninja warrior. Too many thriller novels make that mistake. Jennifer gets her nose bloodied, and takes some rough punches. Pike, despite being a protective tough guy, lets her go.

The Taskforce team is a bunch of chauvinists, used to working in a male dominated world. It seems much more real  than the usual fare of being welcoming to a newbie, especially a woman that hasn’t proven herself. She can take their punches too, and that makes her real.

Based on this short read, I will definitely buy and read Taylor’s other books. While Pike is his main character, I hope he lets Jennifer have a lead occasionally.

Also, included is a quick intro to his next novel — THE WIDOW’S STRIKE. Nice.


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